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Simple Christmas Decorating Tips

When it comes to decorating for Christmas and the holidays it seems to be difficult to properly balance the nostalgia and festive decor. Although balance of the two is up to personal preference we like to follow a few simple guidelines for Christmas decorating.

  1. Utilize your mantel as a focal point of your holiday decorating, creating a balance of different design pieces like vases, candle sticks and ornaments. Use these pieces in different shades of the same color to bring unity to the differences in shapes and sizes.

  2. Be bright and bring warmth into your rooms with large, colorful light bulbs on your Christmas tree!

  3. Use front door decorations but be careful not to clutter and overdo the decorating! Keep it simple and make what you do pop, sometimes less is more!

  4. From the tree to above the fireplace bring the nostalgic bliss into your home with the vintage ornaments and stockings! Use hand stitched stockings and ornaments to bring the feeling of Christmas from times past.

  5. Always remember to bring a bit of the season into the house as well during the Christmas season! Use pinecones, bark accents and lanterns to bring the spirit of the holidays into your living spaces.

Always remember to make your decorating your own! Having your own twist on styling makes your home feel more comfortable. Be sure not to forget to bring family nostalgia into your mix and warm up your living spaces this Christmas!

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