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Master Bedroom Makeover

Recently we took a master bedroom that was feeling gloomy and brought it to life with a combination of different colors, fabrics, and patterns. The original master suite did not have the comforting coziness and warmth that the owners wanted. This was a great interior decorating project and the whole room really came together in the end.

The room had a good base color to work from, but the accents in the room were not bringing the color to life. Using a color pallet of light blues and soft grays, we were able to bring out the beautiful blue-green tone in the walls giving the room a nice glow.

Taking into consideration the height of the room we removed the original chandelier and replaced it with a sleek ceiling fan that makes the room feel larger. Bringing in new lamps allowed us to brighten and give a warm feeling to the room.

Using a different pattern on the draperies with the same color scheme brought variety into the room and gives the seating area a feeling of separation. The Hunter Douglas Pirouettes allow the client to let the warmth of natural light into the room without overwhelming the cozy space. These shadings feature soft horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing, allowing for enhanced views to the outside while maintaining privacy and the full beauty of the fabric appearance on the inside. In this room, we used opaque fabric that blocks virtually all light and provides the highest degrees of privacy and light control.

Giving the once blank wall behind the bed personality, we used a large landscape painting to add variety to the room and a focal point to the large wall. The use of a strong blue for the accent pieces like the lamp in the sitting area and vase on the dresser, also add variety.

In the master bathroom, we added matching motorized Hunter Douglas Pirouettes to the large windows that once looked out upon a view of the neighbor’s roof. These beautiful remote operated shades allow the client to keep the natural light pouring in while adding privacy to the room that once felt exposed all at the touch of button on their remote control.

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