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All About Accents

All About Accents

As an interior designer, I tend to cringe a little when I hear about people accenting with “Do It Yourself” pieces. While I love to DIY and use these projects to decorate as much as the next person, they really should not be strong accents in rooms… I’m sorry.

Before you hit the exit button in the top right hear me out, I love DIY because of the feeling the pieces give. They are unique and handmade, there are no two DIY objects that look the same and that’s the beauty of them, but from a design standpoint, we can use artisanal pieces that work much better with spaces that give us these same feelings.

Artisanal works are great because of their uniqueness and handmade personality. Combine those traits with the beauty and craftsmanship of the artist who created them and you will get wonderful accent pieces that are one of a kind.

Take for example this comparison of two vases, the one on the right is an artisanal handblown glass vase and the other on the left is a DIY stained glass vase. As you can see, both pieces give the same feelings of uniqueness and handmade personality. The difference comes from the craftsmanship and pure design of the artisan piece.

This is not to say that DIY projects aren’t fun or can’t be used for decorating certain times of the year, but the artisan pieces are truly crafted by artists. Using a piece’s movement and style can really help unify a room and can add texture and life to a room.

Take a look at the photos below that show how the large citron temple jar and the custom-made tropical center piece both work together to make the room more cohesive while adding life and color to the space.


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