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Warming Up This Season

Warm Up A Room!

As we get into the colder months of the year it makes sense to talk about warming up a living space in your home. It seems to be a very simple thing to do in your home but there are a few things that you need to think of.

Color Choice

Color choice is a big factor in bringing a warmer feel to a room. Thinking along the lines of “warm” colors the average person thinks of reds and yellows. This is not entirely true; within the warmer colors you need to be aware of the different hues to bring warmth to the room.


Rearranging your living space to be more inviting and less formal gives a sense of coziness to the room. If you have hardbacked furniture, place a throw over them to bring a warmth to the masculinity of the furniture. You can also use different fabric pillows that “feel” softer than your normal pillows. If you have hardwood or tile you would likely want to use a large area rug that is soft underfoot.


A good way of bringing warmth to a room and giving a sense of “home sweet home” is adding sentimental objects into the mix. Directing attention to these objects will bring up happy memories.


Lighting is a major part of bringing warmth into your room. Two major ways of bringing soft warm light into a room are candles and lamps. The warm glow of a candle brings a cozy sense to your space. Using lamps and the correct shades will bring soft light into your space.


Fireplaces are a staple of the coziness of a room and help warm up a room during the cold months. It is important to direct focus to your fireplace to emphasize the warmth that it brings to the space. Use accessories on the mantel and artwork over the fireplace to add interest.

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